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Our Capabilitieswe develop special capabilities across the full range of research types and methodologies.....

Our Operational Capability

Our operational network has the right scale, flexibility and speed to support our clients.

Electronic Data Collection – mCAPI (Mobile CAPI)

  • Use of smart phones and tablets
  • We have 50 PDAs + tablets in house
  • SurveyCTO & SurveyTogo are our Mobile Data collection platforms
  • Scripting with routing instructions, rotation and logic checks
  • Data in standard formats like SPSS, STATA, CSV and ASCII
  • Online project management dashboard.
  • Data Type captured -Numeric, Text, Image, Audio & Video, Barcode & GPS
    The advantages of using PDAs in data collection include the following:
  • Real time monitoring of fieldwork achievement
  • Quick turn-around time in data delivery to clients
  • Logical checks in questionnaire built in script
The use of PDAs in data collection involve the following processes:
  • Scripting on the final approved questionnaire
  • Testing the script to ensure that all questions and routing are properly scripted
  • Deploying the final script (in all languages to be used) on all PDAs.
  • After a day’s fieldwork, the PDAs will be given to supervisors for synchronization of data into the server

Geographic Coverage

  • Head Office – Lagos
  • 6 Regional Field Offices
  • PAN Nigeria Coverage

Field Force

  • 10 Permanent
  • 20 Temporary
  • Pool of 200 Interviewers

Sampling & Methodology

  • F2F – PAPI – Pen & Paper
  • F2F - CAPI using PDAs (smart phones and Tablets)
  • CAWI (Online)

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