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Our Capabilitieswe develop special capabilities across the full range of research types and methodologies.....

Our Clients

At SMS our culture and focus is to surprise our clients with top quality performance across all of our service offerings. We constantly review our working practices and capacities to ensure increasing value delivery and clients' satisfaction. Clients use our research results to:
  • Help inform marketing and communication strategies
  • Help develop realistic business plans and strategies
  • Inform and influence new product launches and development.

Client testimonials

I just reviewed the data file. Please pass on my sincere thanks to the vendor (SMS Consulting). This was by far the cleanest dataset I have ever received on any of the Chevron work we have done across the world.

Nancy (Project Director, Gallup Inc. USA)

Gallup, Inc. enjoyed our partnership on the Chevron Reputation Study that you executed on our behalf in 2010. Our client, Chevron, was also very satisfied with the project. I look forward to working with your organization again this year.

AMY RUHLMAN (Contract Services Consultant, GALLUP Inc. USA)

Permit me to use this medium to say well done to you and the team for the excellent job done on this project within a limited timeline. Also, I am highly impressed by the reporting style, the clarity of the content and the appeal of the entire presentation. This has shown that you guys are willing to raise the bar and I am proud to associate with your team.

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